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[Chorus: Lil Yachty]


I'm in this bitch like ayy, damn

I'm in this bitch like ayy (30, you a motherfucking fool, *****)

I'm in this bitch like ayy (Lil Boat)

I'm in this bitch like ayy

I'm in his bitch like ayy

[Verse 1: Lil Yachty]

I'ma need me a minute before I walk in, ayy

I'ma need me a bitch before it turn ten, uh

I'ma need me a front and backend, all cash stacked in

Rappin' around town and I'm downtown

Big boy gat, I don't back down

Talkin' big shit, I got a sack now

Fuckin' bad bitches, I'll blow a bitch back now (Fuck)

[Chorus: Lil Yachty & A$AP Rocky]


I'm in this bitch like ayy, damn

I'm in this bitch like ayy

I'm in this bitch like ayy (Lil Boat)

I'm in this bitch like ayy

I'm in his bitch like ayy (Uh, I'm in his bitch)

[Verse 2: A$AP Rocky]

Back to the bando

I Tokyo Drift like the sample

When shit wasn't sweet and so simple

When it was just churches and candles

We ain't have no Turks and no Caicos (Nah)

No fresh pedicure for the sandals (Nah)

We learned how to pedal, no handles

Back when we traveled, we trapped and we peddled right front of the Santos (Uh)

Like who wanna match? I'm runnin' the maps

I run it like laps, they runnin' in last

I might overlap and won't double back 'cause my past is my past

They all from my path and part on my back

She wanted a bag, wanted some Raf

Mines came with a name, hers came with some change

We want the same thing, let's not get offtrack (Yeah, uh, uh)

I'm up in that bitch skatin' (Skatin')

My wrist alone is the Ritz, I'm sayin' (Bling)

Super Saiyan blonde, her lacefront on (Uh)

*****, don't make me wait too long (Yeah)

Flippin' rates of that Grey Poupon

I play you food for all

My bitch watch VH-1, first sixty days, RuPaul

She been around Tyler way too long

[Verse 3: Tyler, The Creator]


It's young T and he be that boy

I talk death, but I don't like guns

I talk love, but I don't got none

They talk charts, but they don't got one

You got a stage, then it's one-point-one for one hour

***** came second to me, they so sour

Had a slow climb, that's why they all doubt 'em

And still came out on top, now that's power (Uh)

Fuck they respect, I won't miss a step, I won't intercept

The tip of my tongue, I still got my soul and still got the check like

Bling, bling, bitch, I feel like Juvie

Raw as fuck, bitch, I feel like sushi

Watch Blank Face and feel like Groovy

Neck lookin' like a thot in labor

But it's goin' up like it's an escalator

Boys goin' down like Titanic sailor

Yachty here and him from Decatur

Flacko freer than a Costco plate of them samples, *****

I'm ample, huh

When that suit come on, I throw a tantrum (Hoo)

That's Igor, Igor, he a hot potato

Y'all small fries for example, *****, um

Don't run with the ride-a-long, *****

I'm a catalog, I'm a human Adderall

Little ass bitch, nah, you ain't in my category

Unicorn rare, better put a saddle on, *****

Y'all rappity-rap, y'all critically 'claimed, they gassin' you up

I went to your show and took little nap (Trash)

That's why we not in the same bracket of tax

I'm that *****, bitch

[Verse 4: Tierra Whack]

I did it all with the passion, I'm a god in this fashion

***** tryna fit in with their arms in the jacket (Ugh)

Had to pull myself together like it's all elastic

Got the heart of a dragon, I'm a star, call me Patrick

Heard the bitch was talkin' shit, so I caught him in traffic https://tierra-whack.fandom.com/wiki/T.D?venotify=created&veaction=editsource# I'm the type to walk in your house and shit on your mattress

(Slow down, you're spitting everywhere), ugh

I'm good, you could take it all away (Yeah)

I'm God, you follow me 'cause I know the way (God)

I'm in Philly and we all fly (Huh)

If we don't got the whip, we do the walk-by (Yee)

On your new picture, we archive (Ugh)

If we cross paths, leave you cross-eyed

Had to slap a bitch, chose the wrong side (Ooh)

Mob ties, bitch, you get hog-tied, you chose the wrong side

Mrs. Whack, I love your flow, nobody rhymin' like that

Had to clean out my trunk to put your mom in the back

The cops pulled me over, they don't know your mom in the back

Big Whack makin' ***** take permanent naps

These hoes can't rap, they need a permanent pack

I ain't fuckin' with you boys, need the cervical cap

Okay, I'm bored

Okay, I'm tired

Sleepy, huh

[Verse 5: Lil Yachty]

Yeah, I don't wanna be like nobody else (Else)

Lookin' so good, I might rob myself (Self)

Realize I gotta hide the wealth (Wealth)

Told bro it's okay to be rich and stealth (Yee)

Twenty-two, I might go fuck a MILF (MILF)

My two assistants both white as milk (Milk)

Maybach, inside came soft as silk (Silk)

Put a bitch on the molly, now she tilt

This bitch been killed, built like a crushed can

Makin' rap friends more sketch than a white van

Billionaire Boat, more freedom than a white man

Fuckin' on a bitch and she sound like a hype man

Lookin' for a fly *****, I'm what you type in (Go)

Been counted out since I could count (Yes)

Got a public and a private account (Yes)

For my bank and not my Insta', bitch