Tierra Whack Wiki

This song is about how Tierra wants her family to be happy.

[Intro] Yeah Probably would’ve blew overnight if I was white Rap with a mic and wore really baggy tights It's aight, yeah, queen, yeah

[Verse] Takin' bubble baths, love to see my mother laugh Can't wait 'til Soup home so I can hug his ass [N-word] coming up short, where's the other half? Even if my eyes closed still won't fcking crash Life is easy, I’m somebody hard to come across Check the pH level and then I’m done with Voss Sippin’ stocky writing what I be, still I become a boss Send my cousin to the store to buy some fucking Off!

[Outro] Buggin', like mosquitoes, buggin', I don’t need those Loving all my peoples, dollar signs, yeah, I need those Buggin', fuckin', lovin' Dollar signs, yea, I need those, buggin', like mosquitoes